Did you know that the types of oven being used for making a pizza tend to impact many factors like crust performance, texture, taste and a lot more? Hence, it is important to use specific types of ovens for making certain types of pizzas. Here is a list of ovens commonly used in any pizza place.

  1. Brick or wood fired ovens

This is famous in upscale pizza places because of high temperature and fast baking speeds. It uses forced air, brick or wood fired ovens. The wood or coal defines the taste of the pizza. Wood gives away a deep and smoky taste, whereas coal gives a neutral taste like BBQ. The type of wood or brick also defines the taste of your pie. The difference between the two is the performance of your pie when dough balls are used. The dry heat is ideal for Neapolitan or New York style pizza in Miami.

  1. Conveyor ovens

These ovens are meant for their versatility and ease of use because of forced air technology and no direct heat at all. Dough balls and crust perform equally in such ovens. The crust bears a brown color with a darker bottom. It is not crispy like other pies, but gives away a more pull and chew. Crust may have some blistering and are evenly baked.

  1. Deck ovens

They are amazing when your pizza place is meant to deliver authentic pizza. It bakes on stone shelves over radiant heat rather than forced air. It brings out the best in dough balls and is ideal for New York style or hand tossed pizzas. The color mixes with a brown underside and a lighter edge. It also has a crispy bottom with a satisfying and chewy pull. It blisters without burning.

  1. Rapid cook ovens

They mix forced air and infrared heating which makes it easy to cook all types of pizza. You can adjust the temperature and time settings to adjust the look and final bake of the pie. These ovens use a pizza stone when working with par baked, dough balls and self rising crust. The stone is kept hot with the intense heat when the air is moving around inside. It also melts the cheese perfectly. Apart from pizza, you can also make sandwiches or appetizers. For more info, visit the website.