Traditional homes are built out of wood and brick. In Oxfordshire, aluminium windows and door frames are growing in popularity. Aluminium is aesthetically pleasing and creates a modern look. The best homes are being built with aluminium windows and doors because they are energy efficient, durable, and sustainable. Aluminium can be designed to match nearly any commercial and residential colour or style.

Low Maintenance

Aluminium window and door frames require little to no maintenance. Aluminium withstands the weather elements better than wood frames. Wood must be painted and stained. It also is a very heavy material. Aluminium is lightweight and will put less stress on the foundation of the building. Unlike wood, aluminium does not warp and decay. Generally, suppliers will tell you aluminium frames require almost no maintenance and last much longer than degradable materials.

A Wider Selection

Unlike other materials, aluminium can hold much more weight. It can support large glass pieces. Therefore, commercial property owners and residential homeowners can install much larger window designs. Aluminium can also be manipulated to create custom-designed doors and windows. If you are looking for an aluminium bifold door, double-hung window, casement window, an awning, or a slide lift door, an aluminium frame is a perfect choice. You can create any frame custom to fit your home or commercial building.

Colour Options

Aluminium can be virtually any colour. Manufacturers can powder coat or anodised aluminium into thousands of different colours to match an exterior design. When you are having a difficult time matching your brick, panelling, shutters, or siding, aluminium is the best option for window and door frame material.

Cost Efficient

When you are replacing your windows and doors or building a new home, you will have an established budget. It is very difficult to meet this budget when the cost of building materials is so high due to inflation. Aluminium is much cheaper than its competitors like wood and fibreglass. Aluminium frames do not leak. They will not allow moisture or warm air inside the building. Therefore, aluminium framed windows and doors will save you on heating and cooling costs.

Better Functionality

When wood warps, you will notice it is much harder to open windows and doors. Windows and doors may not close or open fully when the frames contract or expand. Aluminium does not contract or expand like wood. You will be pleased as it keeps its shape over time. Because it keeps its shape, your windows and doors will remain at full functionality.

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