Moving house has many components to it. There are checklists here and there helping you make the smoothest move possible. Commonly though, these checklists miss out on a valuable factor – place attachment. This kind of attachment is the emotional bond between a person and a place. It arises as a result of the accumulated positive experience that is associated with a dwelling.

When the hardest thing to do, such as moving house, is also the best thing to do, thinking of a creative solution is optimal. Living in a new home and not feeling homesick is possible. After all, happiness doesn’t have just one address. So, how do you turn the new house into somewhere which feels as cozy as the favorite home?


Leverage your fondest memory. Do this by using an object or symbol to represent what makes your favorite house feel like home. Is it your grandma’s couch, your mom’s favorite texture, your dad’s trophies, all of these? Find a way to incorporate their symbolism into your new home.

Lighting and color

Lighting and color can affect mood. Do you gravitate towards sunrise? Ensure your new window can catch the radiant sun, and if it can’t, use lighting and color to your advantage. If you find solace through the moonlight, make use of dim lights and thick curtains to give you the warmth of the night all the time.

Acknowledge the experience

Recount the good and the not so good memories while you stayed in your about-to-be-former home. Only after acknowledging the experiences can you start to detach. While focused on this thought, follow it up with thankfulness. Focus on the gratitude that you feel for both the good and bad experiences because these milestones attest that you have learned.

Leave excess baggage behind

It is tempting to take everything with you during your move. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and weighed down by unknown chaos, consider letting go of possessions that clutter the inside of your house and mind. Decluttering is made chaos-free and you can partner with a junk removal company to remove the clutter from your home after you have sorted out the things you no longer need. If stuff no longer makes you happy, set it free. Now that you have prepped yourself, you’re ready to go.

Let go

Once you’re brave enough to say goodbye, you allow incalculable opportunities to happen. When moving house, this can mean leaving behind beliefs and stuff that no longer serves you and memories that no longer represent you. What’s left to do is look forward to great possibilities. Repeat the process as often as required.

In any house move, it essential to identify with your new place. For this to happen, your new home should do an excellent job of representing you and your experiences. After all, people feel at home in places that they can identify with and feel proud to be a part of.

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