Muslin blankets are versatile and have long been a favorite for swaddling newborns. However, these lightweight and breathable textiles can serve multiple purposes beyond swaddling. In this article, we’ll explore creative ways to use muslin blankets in nursery decor and various other aspects of your daily life.

Swaddling and Baby Comfort

Before we dive into other creative uses, let’s not forget the primary purpose of muslin blankets – swaddling. The softness and breathability of muslin make it an ideal choice for wrapping your newborn securely, ensuring a peaceful and comfortable sleep.

Nursery Curtains and Canopies

Give your nursery a dreamy and whimsical ambiance by using muslin blankets as curtains or canopies. Drape them from the ceiling or curtain rods to create an ethereal canopy over your baby’s crib or play area. The soft, diffused light filtering through the muslin will create a serene atmosphere.

DIY Wall Art

Turn your muslin blankets into unique wall art for the nursery. Frame sections of muslin with embroidery hoops or in simple frames to create charming textile wall hangings. You can even paint or stencil on the muslin to add a personalized touch to your baby’s room.

Playtime Tents

Transform a corner of the nursery into a cozy playtime spot by fashioning a tent using muslin blankets. Drape the blankets over a wooden frame or simply hang them from hooks on the wall. Your little one will love having their own hideaway for imaginative play.

Nursing Covers

Muslin blankets make excellent nursing covers for breastfeeding moms. They offer breathability, ensuring your baby remains comfortable during feedings. The lightweight fabric allows you to maintain eye contact with your baby while providing privacy.

Picnic or Beach Blankets

Take your muslin blankets outdoors for a picnic or a day at the beach. Their lightweight and easily foldable nature make them the perfect companion for outdoor adventures. Spread them on the ground for a comfortable seating area or lay them out as a cozy surface for your baby to play on.

Bedding for Pets

Your furry friends can also benefit from the softness of muslin blankets. Use them as pet bedding for your cats or dogs. They’re easy to wash and maintain, providing a comfortable and cozy spot for your pets to curl up.

Tablecloths and Table Runners

Muslin blankets can add a rustic and charming touch to your dining table. Use them as tablecloths or table runners for casual gatherings or outdoor dinners. They’re easy to wash and can be dressed up with decorative accents like candles and flowers.

Beach Cover-Ups

For beach days, muslin blankets can double as stylish cover-ups. Wrap one around your waist or shoulders as a breezy sarong or beach shawl. Their lightweight and quick-drying properties make them perfect for seaside adventures.

Gift Wrapping

Elevate your gift-giving by using muslin blankets as a unique and eco-friendly alternative to traditional gift wrapping paper. Tie a muslin blanket around a gift with a ribbon or twine for an elegant and reusable wrapping option.

Furniture Throws

Add a touch of comfort and style to your living room by draping muslin blankets over sofas or armchairs as throws. They provide a cozy warmth on chilly evenings while enhancing your home’s decor with their natural texture.

Fashion Accessories

Get creative with your muslin blankets by using them as fashion accessories. Turn them into scarves, headbands, or even bandanas. Their softness against the skin and breathability make them a comfortable choice for wearable accessories.

Yoga and Meditation Blankets

Muslin blankets can enhance your yoga or meditation practice. Use them as lightweight blankets to cover yourself during relaxation exercises. They provide comfort and warmth without feeling heavy or restrictive.

Backdrop for Photoshoots

Photographers can use muslin blankets as versatile backdrops for photoshoots. Their neutral colors and soft texture create a simple yet elegant background for portrait photography, product photography, or even baby photos.

Emergency Changing Mats

When you’re on the go with a baby, accidents can happen. Muslin blankets can serve as emergency changing mats. Lay one down on a clean surface for a hygienic and comfortable place to change your baby’s diaper.


Muslin blankets are not just for swaddling; they are versatile textiles that can add charm, comfort, and functionality to various aspects of your life. From nursery decor to outdoor adventures, muslin blankets prove to be indispensable. So, go ahead and explore the many creative ways to use these soft and breathable fabrics beyond the crib, and you’ll discover their versatility and beauty in everyday life.