Pizza is the most amazing food that was introduced to the world by the Italians. It can be topped with your choice of flavor and lots of different kinds of cheese. Letizza Bakery, located in Smithfield, offers sizzling pizzas in the handcraft pizza store. We provide gluten-free pizzas that are prepared with fine quality ingredients. We make excellent pizza bases that have excellent baking tolerance. We have spread our market to Australia, New-Zealand, and South East Asia. Some reasons to buy from Letizza bakery are:

  • We offer handcrafted pre-baked pizza bases.
  • Large range of sizing.
  • Unique products are used.
  • 100% Australian made.

We offer a wide range of delicious products such as gourmet quality pizza, gluten-free pizza bases, dough balls, and Piadina. We offer a variety of sizzling tastes such as vegetarian pizza, which is simple and delicious, and it’s everyone’s favorite. Super Supreme Pizza comes with lots of flavors and toppings. The Potato and Rosemary pizza is a delightful white base pizza. We also offer Gourmet Smoked Salmon topped with cream cheese. The Classic Letizza Margarita is another signature pizza with fresh basil, bocconcini, and lots of mozzarellas.

Our baked pizza bases are easy to prepare and have high baking tolerance. We provide both thin and thick crusts. Gourmet pizza bases are of a wide range of sizes, ranging from 2” to 10”. We use olive oil, garlic, parmesan, and mozzarella cheese. We provide this fine quality pizza at very affordable prices.

Visit our website, to know more about our products and services. You can also call and visit our bakery to get yummy bases at a reasonable price. All of our employees work hard to provide the best quality food. We serve our select customers with many years of trust and special discounts as well.