Self-love is a mantra that’s being chanted and encouraged daily. Pampering yourself is an expected act in this. Good food is one sure shot way to pamper your senses. Majority of us do have an unflinching loyalty towards food. Amidst the hectic and stressful schedule, take some time out in indulging in your favourite cuisines of the highest quality.

Through these food subscription boxes, we get to try the best and most delicious cuisine in the town. For the adventurous soul, this is a route to try out new dishes and varieties. Also, the food varieties that you might come across can change the cooking style at home, surprising your family too. If you want to show appreciation to your friends and family, these boxes will be a saviour all the time.

How do you get It?

There are outlets for chocolates, snacks, wine, Italian food, who would be eager to send a sample of all their items to you, on a pre-scheduled timeline. There are companies that deal with all the categories of food at the same time and all you need to do is choose what suits your mood. Subscribe to those companies whose packaging is exemplary, thus avoiding custom boxes cheap made in bulk.

Snack subscription boxes

These are ideal for those who are always on the go. You get a wide variety of snacks ranging from high-energy bars to nuts to crispies to corn puffs and a lot more.

Food subscription boxes

This is a healthier option with vegetables, cereals, pastas and other household staple food varieties. This gives you an idea of what is available in the market.

Candy and chocolate subscription boxes

These are great ways to try candies and chocolate treats from around the world. And, this will surely satisfy your sweet tooth yearnings. You can taste and savour chocolates from the biggest and best chocolatiers in the world.

Wine subscription boxes

Bring the wines from different parts of the world into your drawing room and have your version of a “wine-tasting” ceremony. Get your friends and family to join in too.


These are, but few of the food subscriptions available. There are plenty in the market. From beer to vegan to sushi. You can skip the winding queue and settle comfortably in your own home, while the best of food and drinks are served to you directly.