The nights are starting to draw out, and the weather is slowly getting better, which means it will not be long till you are having your first BBQ of the year. Whether you prefer to have a quiet affair when having a BBQ or invite everyone you know, it can be an excellent way to socialise and enjoy great food and company. If you cannot wait to fire up the BBQ and start grilling for the first time this year, below are some tips to help you get prepared and ensure your first one goes off without a hitch.

Stock Up On Sauces

You will need to ensure that you have plenty of sauces for your BBQ, which people can put on their food to enhance the taste, and it can also help with cooking. You may want to find a Sriracha sauce manufacturer in Thailand to ensure you have something spicy and tasty, and you can also consider making a sauce yourself. Do not forget the staples, though, and ensure there is ketchup, mayonnaise, and BBQ sauce, and you should keep everyone who attends happy.

Forget Abut Plastic Plates & Cutlery

Many people will use plastic plates and cutlery when having a BBQ, as they do not want to have the regular dishes and cutlery that they use at home to break. However, these are highly damaging to the environment, so it is much better to use the regular ones that you have. If you go down the route of getting disposable plates and cutlery, ensure they are made from sustainable materials and biodegradable to help safeguard our planet.

Plan For The Weather

You will also need to ensure that you plan your BBQ and have the weather in mind, and if it is not going to be nice, ensure there is shelter from the rain. However, you may also need shelter if it is too hot, so you need to carefully plan where to place your BBQ and ensure it is protected from the elements. Always have a backup plan as the weather can change, and forecasters often get it wrong.

Consider A Vegan Option

It is always an excellent idea to ensure you have a vegan option at a BBQ when you have guests come around. More people are switching to vegetarianism and veganism, so if you do not want guests to feel left out and go hungry, ensure you have various options to cater for them. With a bit of planning and preparation, you can organise the first BBQ of the year and ensure it is one that everyone enjoys who attends.