If you haven’t yet sampled premium craft beer, you must have been living under a rock for the past few years, and if you have tried these amazing beers, your cooler is probably full right now! Wherever you live in NZ, there’s probably a microbrewery within driving distance, where they brew the best craft beers using the latest technology.

A mixture of old and new

One thing about craft beer breweries is they merge old recipes with new brewing technology, using tried and tested old European recipes and locally grown produce, if that is possible. The best hops might need to be imported, each microbrewery would have their own policy regarding ingredients, with the goal of creating perfect batches of craft beer that are consistent in taste and quality. Recipes from all over the world are tested and eventually, a range of various beers are chosen to market.

State of the art equipment

A small microbrewery would likely have 2-3 vats and large mashing tanks and the premises would obviously be sterile and controlled. Local people are employed so when you order craft beer online, you are supporting the local community and most welcome tours for beer enthusiasts. It would take a couple of years to compile a decent product list of premium beers that can be perfectly replicated in batches and the business would market their beers online and also would have a bar venue and may even supply other drinking establishments.

Value for money

The small microbrewery can more than compete with the big corporations, producing better tasting beer for a similar price and they are gradually eating away at the market, with more and more beer drinkers discovering their products.

Discover the unique range of craft beers

The average microbrewery would have an extensive menu, with new beers being added often, including:

  • Pale ale
  • Lager
  • Bitter
  • Pilsner
  • Stout

A Google search will help you find the website of a local microbrewery and then you can order a mixed selection pack that includes their best-selling beers and find the ones that tick all your boxes.

Small business support

One of the reasons that the microbrewery sector has done so well is the government support for small business growth; a group of master brewers put together a business plan, acquire the funding and then apply for a commercial brewing licence, which is a complex process.

Ordering premium craft beer online has never been easier and with reasonable prices, you too can enjoy the best tasting craft beer when you are relaxing on the terrace.