For the uninitiated, duck breasts are high in protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. This is a great source of animal protein for anyone who is on a low-carb or keto diet. Typically, people cook duck breasts in the oven, and while that’s handy, you may want to cook your meat on a pan. Let’s say you are camping outdoors, where you don’t have access to an oven. There are literally thousands of duck breast recipes out there, but in this post, we are sharing a simple recipe that’s super easy to cook and doesn’t require a lot of additional things or ingredients.

Preparing the duck breasts

Now, it is important to understand that the quality of meat always has an impact on the final recipe, so make sure that you source your duck breasts from a known store. Take the breasts out and through away all the extra juices. Clean the meat and use an absorbent tissue paper to pat dry. The next step is to season the duck breast, for which you can use any kind of seasoning you want with kosher salt. The skin side of breasts must be first scored with a knife, so that the seasoning seeps in through. If you want to go fancy, use any mix of dried herbs, but ideally, just salt and pepper should do.

Place the duck breast in the fridge for seasoning well for at least an hour to two.

Cooking on the pan

Make sure that the duck breasts are at room temperature before you start cooking. Take a cast iron or stainless-steel pan and place duck breasts skin side down. The pan needs to be cold. Yes, you read that right. We want to render as much fat from the skin as possible, so place on a slow temperature and let the fat melt. You can increase the heat once that happens. Flip the duck breasts and cook on the other side till completely done.

Bonus tip: Don’t throw away all the good fat in the pan. You can fry potatoes or bacon on the pan and serve with the duck breasts.

Also, always ensure that the duck breasts have cooled down before you cut and serve them to the guests. The slices need to be thick with the crispy skin on, and add some veggies on the side for that ideal complete meal on a lazy Sunday.

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