If you are planning on brewing beer from home, there are some things you must take into consideration. Some of the equipment you will be using can be dangerous if not looked after and operated in the correct fashion. Although it is generally low risk and not many people get hurt brewing beer at home, you must take precautions to limit the dangers.

Ventilation – When you are setting up your brewing station, make sure you choose a place that offers excellent ventilation. If you decide to brew from your garage, you will need to leave the doors and windows open make sure there are air vents. Components like propane burners release carbon monoxide, and these types of gases should be leaving your station as quickly as possible.

Cleaning Up Spills – You have ordered one of the best home brew kits on the market and you are ready to start brewing your beer. We tend to get excited when the brew kit arrives, and we jump into the brewing process without thinking about safety. Many people start brewing and forget to clean up spills as they go along. You can easily slip and fall on spillages and end up in hospital with broken bones.

Layout – The layout of the brew station is important as you want to have enough space to move around without knocking off your kit. Your brewing area should also be in a safe environment away from young kids or pets. Think about where you are going to set up and choose a place that is safe for all.

Protective Equipment – You should always wear the right type of gloves, heavy aprons, lab coats, and shoes when brewing from home. People make the mistake of wearing open-toed shoes and when a heavy object falls on them, they can suffer a bad injury. Using gloves will also help you avoid getting burned.

Unscheduled Brew Day – It may seem like fun to jump into an unscheduled brew day but it could lead to disaster. Do not show off to friends or family when they visit your home, wait until you are fully prepared to brew.

If you follow all the tips above and take precautions when brewing beer at home, you will not run into any problems. Although home brewing is safe, you still must take steps to minimise accidents and injuries. Carefully choose and assess your brewing area and remove anything that may pose a risk.