Duck lovers never forget the strong flavor and wonderful taste of duck confit. Usually, duck meat is succulent, skin is crispy, and legs are vigor that stirs savory seasonings. You can bake the legs, braise, stew, and grill them for an intense flavor and tenderness.

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Confit technique

  • The process of confit evolved many centuries ago, when there is no refrigerator. These days, we can preserve anything in a freezer to enjoy its flavor. Initially, cut the raw meat into pieces and rub them with salt.
  • With this, you can not only preserve them for a longer time but also they will get a wonderful flavor as well.
  • Take a cooking vessel and place the meat in it. Then, cook it at 100C temperature for 4 hours or more until the meat oozes and fat renders into pools.
  • Once it gets cooked, let it cool, and then store it in a glass or metal jar.
  • Whenever you want to eat, take out top part and cook it on a low flame. When the fat oozes out from the meat, then take out the meat and serve it. You can fry greens, potatoes, or others with the fat.

Classic French cooking

Almost, confit is a French jerk; you can use the same ingredients of chicken such as ginger, coriander, clove, cumin, juniper berries, and cardamom. You can even add bay leaf along with garlic cloves.

A classic confit French recipe specifies seasoning of legs, covering them with Dijon mustard layer, drizzling butter and bread crumbs on it. Then, roast them for 2 hours at a temperature of 375 degrees. By doing this, fat oozes, but skin winds crackling. Dijon mustard gives a pungent flavor to the dish.

Asian seasoning

You can also spice up duck legs with Asian seasonings like 5-spice powder, grounded ginger, cinnamon, Sichuan peppercorns, hot chilies, and orange zest. The result will be same, but you can experience a different flavor.

You can try numerous flavorful dishes with duck confit that offer health benefits and rich taste. There are many online vendors who sell duck products, choose a reliable vendor and order duck legs today.