A famous saying goes thus: “what’s worth doing is worth doing well.” However, as far as this article is concerned, it’s a muffin worth eating is worth being well-made, and this shouldn’t be seen as some tough challenge. Making nice-looking and appetizing muffins is achievable, especially with Lehi Mills’ muffin mix; all you just have to do is take certain instructions to heart. This is the direction the ensuing discourse [in this article] will flow along. So, read on to have an inkling of the guideline for preparing a well-made muffin.

Use Only Fresh Ingredients

If you want your baked goods to taste great and be of the best quality, you must use only fresh ingredients. This means that no preservatives or other additives should be used in the ingredients. Whenever feasible, include fresh fruits and veggies in your baked goods to get the most taste and nutrition. Your baked items will have a more pronounced flavor and texture when you use fresh eggs and dairy ingredients in their preparation. For optimum results, utilize only the freshest ingredients the next time you feel like cooking.

Ingredient Order Should Not Be Neglected

You might not have heard this before, but it is equally important – the order in which you add or mix the ingredient for making your muffin must be carefully factored in. Firstly, you should measure the muffin mix into a bowl and then mix wet ingredients [like egg, milk, butter, strawberry flavor, sugar, etc.] in another bowl. The blended wet ingredients should then be turned into the dry ingredient (the muffin mix) and stirred consistently with a spatula.


To achieve the perfect batter, you must be careful not to overmix it. Besides the fact that overmixing accelerates the rate of gluten development, it can also prevent your muffin from coming out fluffy. So, while you are mixing, you should ensure that some lumps are spared.

Mix-in Should Be Added Moderately

If at all you will be adding mix-ins to your muffin batter, you should do it moderately. Plus, you may need to dice, chop or grate some of these mix-ins so that they can blend into the mixture appropriately. Furthermore, mix-ins should only be added to the batter later – after every other ingredient must have gone in.

Use the Right Tray

There are trays specially made for muffins – you may call them “muffin trays.” These trays typically feature hollowed compartments – reflecting a cup shape – that can take in the batter. If the muffin tray is not available, you may go with a cupcake pan to get the job done. You should have each cup-shaped compartment lined with paper before putting it in the batter. And, while at it, you should be careful not to overfill the compartment – filling it to a third of its full capacity is enough.

Do the Toothpick Test 

Your muffins should be ready in about 20 minutes after putting them in the oven, but you should do a toothpick test before turning the heat off – while assuming that they are ready. You just have to push a toothpick into one or more of the muffins to see if they still retain moisture – which would mean you still need to leave them in the oven.