Let’s agree that we all have a thing for cocktails. Beyond the basic vodka, whiskey and rum, there are cocktails that are often served in style and garnished amazingly. If you are looking to explore a few new cocktails, go for the michelada. It comes from Mexico, which is famed for its incredible collection of beer cocktails that are made with love and the right mix of ingredients. Today, you obviously don’t have to go to a restaurant to enjoy the drink. Just buy chelada mix, and you can make incredible drinks at home, served with piping hot snacks!

The background of michelada

Michelada literally translates into ‘My Cold Beer’. The recipe itself can be different for different restaurants. The base of the drink is always ice-cold beer, and all versions do include lime juice. There is usually a spice mix used to take the taste further, and you may find cheladas that include unique things like Worcestershire sauce. In fact, some restaurants also use seasonings that add more spice to the taste, including chili mixes.

How to make your own michelada?

First and foremost, make sure that your favorite beer is chilled, and you have a chilled mug handy. You can check for brands that sell michelada mixes. Grab your chilled mug, add the michelada mix, lime juice, and ensure that the top of the glass is rimmed with salt, like you would do with Virgin Mary. Now, pour your favorite beer and you are good to go. Some of the signature michelada mixes are so amazing that you practically do not need anything else. Do not add spices that may ruin the flavors of a classic michelada. The beer, as we mentioned, has to be chilled, and you can use any beer of your choice to make your own michelada cocktail at home.

Don’t we have ready micheladas these days?

Yes, there are many brands that sell micheladas in a bottle, but again, nothing beats a fresh beer cocktail. With michelada mixes and easy recipes, you can make your own at home. In fact, michelada is one of the few cocktails that is super easy to make, especially because you don’t need a lot of ingredients.

If you haven’t tried the michelada yet, time to spice up your beer this weekend. Just ensure that you have the right seasoning, and there are also different mixes to choose from.

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